Saint John The Evangelist, Bacup

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List of Inscriptions


Mr John AKED
Died Wednesday, November 10 1830, Aged 62
Born in the year 1768
Husband of Betty

Mrs Betty AKED
Died Friday, August 10 1810, Aged 43
Born in the year 1767
Wife of John

Mr John AKED
Of Acre Mill Died Thursday, November 14 1861, Aged 68
Born in the year 1793
Son of John and Betty
Husband Of Mary

Mrs Mary AKED
Died Saturday, January 14 1854, Aged 60
Born in the year 1794
Wife Of John

Mr James AKED
Of Pippin Bank
Died Sunday, January 21 1855, Aged 60
Born in the year 1795
Son of John and Betty

End Of Inscriptions


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