Providence United Methodist Free Church, Loveclough, Rossendale

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List of Inscriptions


Mrs Catherine BRIDGE
Died Monday, April 9 1888, Aged 57
Born in the year 1831
Wife of Charles

Mr Charles BRIDGE
Died Monday, November 20 1899, Aged 74
Born in the year 1825
Husband of Catherine

Mr Hubert WALSH
Died Sunday, September 12 1954, Aged 84
Born in the year 1870
Husband Of Rachel Ann

Mrs Rachel Ann WALSH
Died Monday, February 1 1954, Aged 80
Born in the year 1874
Wife Of Hubert


Mrs Maggie WALSH
Died Thursday, December 6 1973, Aged 68
Born in the year 1905
Wife of Charlie

Mr Charlie WALSH
Died Monday, September 18 1978, Aged 68
Born in the year 1910
Husband of Maggie


Mrs Hannah WALSH
Died Sunday, July 17 1904, Aged 57
Born in the year 1847
Wife of Richard

Mr Richard WALSH
Of Love Clough Died Wednesday, January 20 1932, Aged 86
Born in the year 1846
Husband of Hannah

Mr Dawson WALSH
Died Thursday, May 16 1929, Aged 47
Born in the year 1882
Son of Hannah and Richard
Husband Of Millie

Mrs Millie WALSH
Wife of Dawson

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