Providence United Methodist Free Church, Loveclough, Rossendale

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List of Inscriptions

Headstone Reference 0037

Mrs Sarah DEAN
Died Tuesday, May 17 1932, Aged 52
Born in the year 1880
Wife of Charles Edward

Mr Charles Edward DEAN
of 1066 Burnley Road, Love Clough
Died Sunday, August 13 1939, Aged 67
Born in the year 1872
Husband of Sarah

Headstone Reference 0038

Mr Thomas DEAN
Died Thursday, October 17 1940, Aged 67
Born in the year 1873
Husband of Margaret

Mrs Margaret DEAN
Wife of Thomas

Headstone Reference 0101

Mr Thomas DEAN
Of Hempshaw Barn Love Clough
Died Wednesday, January 9 1907, Aged 58
Born in the year 1849
Husband of Martha Ann

Mrs Martha Ann DEAN
Died Monday, May 30 1910, Aged 65
Born in the year 1845
Wife of Thomas

Mr Thomas HEAP
Died Friday, November 7 1941, Aged 75
Born in the year 1866
Husband Of Rebecca

Mrs Rebecca HEAP
Died Thursday, December 9 1937, Aged 71
Born in the year 1866
Wife Of Thomas

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