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Relationships and Naming Conventions

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Children in Families are often named according to the following rules:

Birth Order

English Irish


First Son

Father's Father

Mother's Father

Second Son

Mother's Father

Father's Father

Third Son


Fourth Son

Father's Eldest Brother

First Daughter

Father's Mother

Father's Mother

Second Daughter

Mother's Mother

Mother's Mother

Third Daughter


Fourth Daughter

Mother's Eldest Sister

Traditionaly A Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son Was Given The Forename 'Doctor'


First Cousins always share a common Grandparent
Second Cousins always share a common Great-Grandparent
Third Cousins always share a common Second Great-Grandparent
Fourth Cousins always share a Common Third Great-Grandparent

Removed Cousins

Cousins NOT of the same generation are "Cousins removed". The number of times a Cousin is "removed" depends on the number of generations "away" they are.


A first Cousin once removed is a child of your first Cousin. A first Cousin twice removed is the Grandchild of your first Cousin. This is true of preceding generations of Cousins as well. (Though not with first Cousins, since their Parents and Grandparents would be your Aunts or Uncles and Grandparents).


While the Child of your second Cousin is your second Cousin once removed - being one generation removed from yours - the Parent of your second Cousin is ALSO your second Cousin once removed - because they are one generation removed from your generation as well. Someone who is a first Cousin to any of your direct linage family - persons you directly descend from or who directly descend from you; your Parents, Grandparents, Great-grandparents, your Child, Grandchildren etc., - is a first cousin to you, but are removed of course.


The first Cousin of your Great-grand parent is; first Cousin once removed to your Grandparent, first Cousin twice removed to your Parent, first Cousin thrice removed to you, first Cousin 4 times removed to your Child and so on.

The siblings of your Mother and Father are your Aunts and Uncles. The siblings of your Grandmother or Grandfather are you Grandaunts and Granduncles. (Commonly though incorrectly referred to as Greataunts or Greatuncles) The siblings of your Great-Grandmother or Great-Grandfather are your Great-Grandaunt or Great-Granduncle.


For legal and genealogical reasons the term GREAT does not stand alone for any relative, it is only correct in conjunction with GRAND, as in Great-Grandfather.

GRAND however, can stand alone for Grandparent and Grandaunt and Granduncle.

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