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Some Latin Words And Phrases Found On Gravestones

aetatis of the age
aetatis suae of his (or her) age
anno aetatis suae (AAS) in the year of his (or her) age
beatae memoriae of blessed memory
hic jace there lies
hodie mihi, cras tibi today to me, tomorrow to you
in memoriam to the memory of
obiit he or she died
requiescat in pace may he or she rest in peace
requiescant in pace may they rest in peace
RIP rest in peace (as above)
sculpsit he (or she) carved (or cut) it
si post fata venit gloria non propero if glory comes after death, I`m not in a hurry
siste viator stop traveller
sit tibi terra levis may the earth be light upon you
summum nec metuas diem nec optes neither fear nor wish for your last day
vixit he or she has lived
vixit .... annos he or she has lived .... a certain number of years


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