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CEMSEARCH-uk is an ongoing concern dedicated to recording, archiving and compiling databases of Monumental Inscriptions in Municipal Cemeteries (Distinct From A Graveyard Attached To A Church), In Lancashire, United Kingdom.

Our records are not Cemetery Records or Burial Records but are complimentary to them and can contain useful information not found in Cemetery or Burial Records.

Along with dates and ages of death we may have details of family members who have been interred elsewhere, dates of birth, occupations and employers and even cause of death.
This can provide you with sufficient information to obtain a range of certificates.

You can search for your surname for free and we also offer free reports in some graveyards. We only provide information on graves which were opened before 1950.

A Cemetery is defined as a Municipal Burial Ground distinct from a Graveyard attached to a Church.

Stone Is Not Permament

The term "inscribed in stone"is often used to indicate permanence.
 Unfortunately stone is far from permanent, as any visit to a graveyard or cemetery will tell you. Gravestones are weathered by rain, hail, snow, wind, ice, bushes and trees.

In addition, some cemeteries have been vandalised;
stones overturned and broken, even set on fire.

There is also a current policy of removing stones in cemeteries and graveyards in order to grass over the land to ease maintenance.
Thus a wealth of information is being lost for ever, and at an exponential rate.

The information found on gravestones can include name, address, age of death, date of birth, date of death, cause of death, occupation, mother's maiden name, same name relatives, different name relatives and of course all the information concerning these relatives.
The information can include details of people buried elswhere or people buried in churchyards before the cemetery was opened.

Please Note:- Our Information is obtained from readable inscriptions at the time of recording - Many inscriptions are unreadable and many graves do not have headstones.

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