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Parish Church Bazaar - St. Mary's and All Saints Church, Goodshaw, Crawshawbooth

April 10 to 13th, 1907

With kind thanks to Darrell Latimer in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

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Edwin Beswick Gentlemen's Tailor, Hatter, and c., Burnley Road, Crawshawbooth

Major Cowking, (Joiner, Builder and Mangle Roller Turner, Venetian Blinds) School St., Saw Mills, Crawshawbooth

J.R. Slater (Grocer, Fruiterer,and Florist and Potato Salesman, 696 Burnley Road, Crawshawbooth

J.H. Riley, Butcher, 760 Corner Terrace, Burnley Rd., Crawshawbooth

M. Hardman's (Drapery, Canvas and Embroidery Materials Perseverance House, 730 Burnley Rd., Crawshawbooth

R. Crankshaw (Family Grocer and Provision Dealer), 564 Burnley Road, Crawshawbooth

T. Carhart, High-Class Tailoring, 528 Burnley Rd., Crawshawbooth

Try SYKES'S The Costume People, Crawshawbooth

S. Sanderson, Confectioner and Caterer, 614 Burnley Road, Crawshawbooth

R. Hutchinson and Bros. (Hay, Straw and Corn Merchants), Rawtenstall, Ewood Bridge, Ramsbottom and Hesketh Bank

Joseph Harling, Architectural and Monument Sculptor, Haslingden Road, Rawtenstall

E. Oddie And Co (ODDIE'S Special Blend TEA), 7 and 9 Bacup Road, Rawtenstall

John Turner, Photographic Chemist, Rawtenstall

William L. Jones, Qualified Chemist, (Toilet and Nursery Articles), Crawshawbooth

R.E. Lewer, Practical Tailor, 568 Burnley Road, Crawshawbooth

E. Sutcliffe, Grocer and Tea Dealer, Post Office, Loveclough

FRAZER'S (Ladies' and Children's Clothing), 1308 Ivy Terrace, Loveclough

CHERRY and SON'S, Dyers and Dry Cleaners, 63 Bank St., Rawtenstall - 24 Market St. Bacup - 54 Standish St, Burnley.

Jas. H. Hargreaves, Cab Proprietor and Ivy Farm, Loveclough, Crawshawbooth

M. Birtwistle, Grocer, Confectioner, Caterer, 742 and 744 Burnley Road, Crawshawbooth

Richard Holt, Iron Monger, 19 Bank Street, Rawtenstall

Mrs. A German, Confectioner, 532 Burnley Road, Crawshawbooth

Pickup's Boots, Shoes and Drapery, 552 Burnley Road, Crawshawbooth

Maden and Haworth (Painters, Paperhangers, Plasterers, Sign Writers, Decorators), 629 Burnley Road, Crawshawbooth

Miles Lonsdale, Registered Plumber, 573 Burnley Road, Crawshawbooth

D. Kirk, Tailor and Hatter, Burnley Road, Crawshawbooth

J.R. Broadley, Painter, Decorator, Sign-Writer, Grainer and Plasterer, 653 Burnley Road, Crawshawbooth

John R. Sellers, Auctioneer and Valuer; Fire, Life and Estate Agenet, Qualified Bailiff, Burnley Road, Crawshawbooth (Residence 9 Rose Hill)

James Barritt, Removal Contractor, 51 Bank Street, Rawtenstall

Alfred Birtwistle, Joiner Builder, Timber Merchant, and Undertaker, Venetian Blinds Crawshawbooth

John Hargreaves, Coal Dealer Clow Farm

Alfred Heap, Grocer and Provision Dealer, Rings Row

R. Ashworth, Hosier, Glover and Gentlemen's Outfitter, 580 Burnley Road, Crawshawbooth

E. and L. Harley, Milliners, Fancy Drapers, Dress and Mantle Makers, 611 Burnley Road, Crawshawbooth,

Bernasconi's "Expert" Bazaar Co. (Artists and Decorators), 32 Head St., Liverpool

T. Woodburn's Fruit, Fish and Game, 57 Bank St., Rawtenstall

Hargreaves Sanitary Plumber (Glazier and Gas Fitter), (no address given)

T. Coupe and Son, (Clocks, Watches, Jewellery), 10 Bank St. Rawtenstall

J.H. Taylor, Newsagent, Stationer (Yeast Dealer and Confectioner), 4 Alma Terrace, Clowbridge

John Pollard, (Turf Barn, Coal, Removals), (no address given)

John Hargreaves and Son, Family Butchers, Clow Farm, Clowbridge

Tom Fort, Corn Dealer, Chip Shop (All kinds of Dog and Poultry Medicines), Clowbridge

William Driver, Printer, Bookbinder and Stationer, Post Office, Crawshawbooth

Miss Haworth, Milliner and Fancy Draper and Dressmaker, 924 Burnley Road, Crawshawbooth

J.O. Lord, (Boot, Shoe and Clog Maker), Lords, Rings Row, Crawshawbooth

Oakley and Sidebottom, Fine Art Photographers, Rawtenstall and Bacup


The Right Rev. Dr. Knox, Lord Bishop of the Diocese

The Right Rev. Dr. Pearson, Lord Bishop of Burnley

The Right Hon. Lord Crawshaw

The Right Hon. Lord Shuttleworth

The Right Hon. Lord Montagu of Beaulieu

The Hon. W. Brooks, JP. The Hon. M.J. Brooks, JP.

The Right Hon. L. Harcourt, MP

Sir J.O.S. Thursby, Bart. Sir. W.W.B. Hulton, Bart.

His Worship The Mayor of Rawtenstall

The Right Rev., The Dean of Manchester

The Venerable, The Archdeacon of Blackburn

The Venerable, The Archdeacon of Manchester

Lady Crawshaw Lady Shuttleworth

The Hon. Mrs. Brooks, The Hon. Mrs. Marshall Brooks

Lady Thursby Lady Hulton

Mrs. Knox Mrs. Pearson

The Mayoress of Rawtenstall

The Rev. A. Spencer, Rural Dean of Whalley

Rev. A Bedson  -  Rev. R. Newman

Rev. W.H. Finney  -  Rev. G.H. Downes

Rev. J. Howard  -  Rev. G. Lomas

Rev. I. Downham  -  Rev. J.T. Munn

Rev. J. S. Addison  -  Rev. C. Merchant

Rev. H. Johnson  -  Rev. F. H. Lockett

Rev. A. Phillips   -  Rev. J.S. Doxey

Rev. A.D.S. Studdy  -  Rev. J.J. Lewis

Rev. E. Greepsill  -  Rev. J. Robinson

Rev. L. Robbs  -  Rev. J. Dodd

Rev. J.H. Oldroyd  -  Rev. R. Norris

Rev. G.W. Sayer  -  Rev. D.E.M. Simmonds

Rev. W.A. Kent  -  Rev. J.G. Kemp

Rev. T.E. Peel  -  Rev. W.H. Carpenter

Gerald Beach Brooks, Esq.  -  J. Kebty Fletcher, Esq

Lt. Col. Craven Hoyle,  -  J.P. Major A.T. Porritt

H.H. Bolton, Esq.  -  W. Mitchell, Esq., J.P.

J.E. Haworth, Esq.  -  Dr. Edward

R. Ashworth, Esq., J.P.  -  Dr. Duncan

Dr. Warrington  -  R.C. Turner, Esq.

Dr. Compston  -  E. Lord, Esq

J.R. Ramsbottom, Esq.

Organizers and Event Managers

J.W. Wilinson, Vicar and Chairman

T.H. Eastwood, Secretary

R.A. Parker, Treasurer

Children's Day (chairmen: R. A. Parker, Esq. and James Greaves, Esq.

The Opening Ceremony (Chairman Rev. A Spencer, Vicar of St. James,

Accrington, and Rural Dean of Whalley

Songs by: Miss Florence Bowness

The Vicarage Stall: Mrs Wilkinson

The Congregational Stall: Secretary: Mr. Walter Birtwistle; Treasurer: Mr.Greaves

Loveclough Sunday School Stall: Secretary: Mr. George Walker; Treasurer: Mr.John Oddie

The Childrens Stall: Secretary: Mrs. W. Fletcher; Treasurer: Mrs. R. P Taylor

The Refreshment Stall: Secretary: Mrs Travis; Treasurer: Mrs Goring


Professor Carl Verne, Conjuror and Lighting Artiste

Loveclough Red Mascots

Miscellaneous Concerts

Miss Simpson, Soprano, Manchester Mrs. Howarth, Contalto, Waterfoot

Miss Leyland, Violinist, Manchester Mr. Harry Holt, Bass, Accrington

Professor Wilton Warton, (Cards, Coins, Handerchiefs, Billiard Ball tricks)

Professor J.R. Musk, (Novelty Ventriloquist)

Accompanist: Mr. Berry Bridge, Organist at the Parish Church

Vicar's of Goodshaw

Rev. George Haworth, 1814; died 1836

Rev. E.B. Allen, 1836; removed to Bacup 1839

Rev. Henry Howarth,, 1839; removed to Rawtenstall 1847

Rev. James Bell, 1848; died 1854.

Rev. John Howard, 1854; died 1887

Rev A. Spencer, 1887; removed to Haslingden 1892

Rev. A Bedson, 1892; removed to Osbournby 1899

Rev. R. Newman, 1899; removed to Whalley 1904

Rev. J.W. Wilkinson, 1905, present Vicar.

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