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CEMSEARCH-uk is not a job or a business but our hobby, whilst we do charge for searches in our larger cemeteries to help cover costs, much of our work is gladly done for free.

As with most hobbies our costs are quite high. If we have been able to give you some worthwhile help and you wish to help in return, you may consider making a donation via PayPal or Uk cheque to an amount of your own choosing.

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E-Mail Us If You Wish To Pay By UK Cheque

PayPal will take care of converting your currency to British Pounds from all major credit or debit cards, including those shown below.

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You can donate by PayPal With your own Credit/Debit Card

Please enter the Amount you wish to donate in the box provided and then click on the Donate button. You will be taken to our secure checkout using PayPal. Your payment screen will show that you are making a payment to CEMSEARCH-uk

If you are not a member of PayPal you will be prompted to fill out a short registration form and then returned to the payment screen. After the transaction you will be returned to CEMSEARCH-uk.

CEMSEARCH-uk does not receive any details of your credit card, this goes direct to PayPal though their encypted and secure servers. We do receive your email address which we retain in order to send you your Report and to provide you with free updates. We do not and will not pass any of your details to any other person or company


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