In St. Bartholomew's Church, Whitworth Near Rochdale

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List of Inscriptions


Mr Abraham CLEGG
Of Facit
Died Monday, January 21 1867, Aged 48
Born in the year 1819
Husband of Martha

Mrs Martha CLEGG
Died Thursday, July 3 1884, Aged 60
Born in the year 1824
Wife of Abraham

Mr Henry Edward CLEGG
Died Wednesday, April 23 1890, Aged 31
Born in the year 1859
Son of Abraham and Martha


Of Longacres
Died Saturday, June 23 1917, Aged 84
Born in the year 1833
Husband of Jane

Mrs Jane CLEGG
Died Saturday, September 4 1915, Aged 86
Born in the year 1829
Wife of John

Mr James CLEGG
Died Tuesday, February 26 1889, Aged 27
Born in the year 1862
Son of John and Jane

Mrs Sarah CLEGG
Died Saturday, May 8 1915, Aged 26
Born in the year 1889
Wife Of George

Mr George CLEGG
Husband Of Sarah

Mr Johnny CLEGG
Died Thursday, July 16 1914, Aged 48
Born in the year 1866
Son of John and Jane


Mary Ann LEACH
Died Wednesday, February 17 1932
Born Friday, September 1 1854

Frances LEACH
Died Saturday, February 17 1940, Aged 85
Born in the year 1855

Mr Walter A CLEGG
Died Monday, July 22 1940, Aged 72
Born in the year 1868
Husband of Annie

Mrs Annie CLEGG
Wife of Walter A

James Samuel (Jim) CLEGG
Died Wednesday, December 18 1912, Aged 15
Born in the year 1897
Son of Walter A and Annie

Mr Richard LEACH
Blacksmith Of Whitworth
Died Thursday, May 19 1887, Aged 69
Born in the year 1818
Husband Of Grace

Mrs Grace LEACH
Died Wednesday, May 26 1897, Aged 78
Born in the year 1819
Wife Of Richard

End Of Inscriptions


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